Security System Installation Melbourne

Allcom Communications & Security is a fully licenced and qualified communications and security company that provides the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective communications and security system installation Melbourne homes and businesses have come to trust and rely on.

We provide quality-assured design, installation, repair, and maintenance of everything from CCTV and 24-hour monitoring systems to MATV and communications systems to everything in between. Our highly-skilled, fully qualified, and vastly experienced team of engineers have years of knowledge and expertise in installing and maintaining all types of communications and security systems for a wide array of residential and commercial properties as well as government departments and public/private events.

Home Security Solutions Melbourne

If you need home security solutions in Melbourne, our team is always ready to help. From all kinds of traditional and contemporary Australian homes to offices, medical facilities, shopping centres, schools, and other commercial buildings to the Department of Defence to major sporting events, you name it and we have done it. So, let our team at Allcom help protect and make your life easier.


Local Security System Installers Melbourne

You can choose from our wide range of high-quality communications and security solutions.


Get consistently strong TV and FM signals all throughout your property with our top-notch MATV system design, installation, and maintenance services.


Ensure fast transfer speeds and uninterrupted internet connection any time of the day with our highly reliable data cabling installation, repair, and maintenance services.


Communicate clearly and effectively across different rooms and sections of your property around the world by utilising our high-quality intercom installation, repair, and maintenance services.


Keep a close eye on everything inside and outside your property with clear high-definition videos from our exceptional CCTV installation, repair, and maintenance services.


Protect your home and business with highly sensitive alarms that can notify you and the authorities when someone is trying to illegally access, tamper, destroy or steal your property.

Access Control

Increase the security across different rooms and sections of your property by gaining the power of choosing which users can access entry points, equipment, and facilities.


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