Access Control System Services Melbourne

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Access Control System Services Melbourne

Allcom also offers the highest quality proximity based access control system services in Melbourne. We supply for residential and commercial property owners, managers, builders, and developers as well as government departments and public/private events. With our years in the security industry, we work only with the best and can provide you with the latest products from –

  • Inner Range Integriti,
  • Inner Range Inception,
  • Challenger,
  • Bosch,
  • Paradox,
  • Protégé GX
  • Protégé WX
  • And more.

Secure, Regulate, Track & Control

Access control systems let you secure certain areas in your premises. It lets you regulate who gets in and out, track the access in terms of duration and frequency, and control entry points such as doors, floors, lifts, and the like. Allcom carries a wide range of access control systems that are fully approved and compatible with many electronic locking devices. There are access control systems too that record the time and attendance of your personnel. Choose the system that suits your needs.

Benefits of the Access Control System

  • Unwanted visitors and non-authorised persons cannot enter the premises, reducing incidence of theft.
  • Regulates Access. Authorise who gets access in and out of the premises.
  • Know who is where and when for easy tagging in case of theft or accident.
  • Monitor access points so intruders will find it much difficult to enter and commit theft.

Proximity Based Access Control Melbourne

Allcom provides the latest, state-of-the-art proximity based access control in Melbourne. This wireless technology that enables access control has proven itself indispensable, especially in times of pandemic. With just a proximity card or a key fob, you are granted access to a secured area without touching any surface as you don’t need to insert the proximity card in a reader like you do with a magnetic stripe card.

Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, residential buildings, health institutions, gyms, and similar organisations, proximity access control systems give control to whoever is allowed entry to the premises anytime. The system can also be used to track who enters and exits the premises, can be linked with time and attendance software, among other things.

Allcom is a proud distributor of the best high quality proximity based systems such as: Integriti, Inception, Challenger, Bosch, Paradox, Portege GX, Protégé WX, among others. Having established a professional relationship with these brands over time, you can expect high quality, excellent performance, durability, and effectiveness from these systems, as well as our knowledge and expertise in installation, servicing, repair, and maintenance of these products.

Find out more about our access control system services in Melbourne, call 03-9018-9426 now.

Access Control Systems Melbourne

Beef up your security with high quality access control systems Melbourne will ever see. Allcom is proud to have partnered with the biggest names in access control systems here in Australia, as well as overseas, to bring you the best and most trusted products available on the market. Add to that our team of highly skilled, fully qualified, and vastly experienced engineers who have designed, installed, repaired, and maintained various brands of access control systems, then you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

Access control systems are very useful when you want to control entry to your premises such as residential properties, commercial buildings, government offices, manufacturing plants, and the like. The system uses a computer software that lets you have control on access cards so you can regulate who gets access to which areas, track all access, and more. For efficient access control system integration, call the professionals—talk to Allcom today. Call 03-9018-9426 now!

Having built strong professional relationships with these leading brands, we can ensure the quality, durability, and effectiveness of your access control systems. You can also be assured that we have all the knowledge and expertise required to service your system in case you need it.

To learn more about our access control solutions in Melbourne, call 03-9018-9426 today.

Access Control Systems Services

Aside from a wide range of high quality access control systems, Allcom has services that lets you leverage on the expertise of our team of security engineers. You can depend on them to provide the support you need, from pre-sales to after-sales, to ensure that you maximise the access control system you have chosen for your property.

What’s great about our menu of services is that the years of skills, knowledge, and experience of our team will work for you, whatever service you may need for your access control systems. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Planning, design, and layout
  • System supply and sourcing
  • Installation and management
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • System maintenance

Our team uses the latest tools and technology in performing these services so you can expect quality-assured workmanship, service excellence, and customer satisfaction like no other. We also specialise in installation and maintenance of other electronic security systems and installation of telecommunications infrastructure. We are also certified across multiple vendors, so we are able to provide manufacturer’s warranty.

If you need information about our access control system services, call 03-9018-9426 now.


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