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CCTV Installation Services

With experienced and certified engineers performing all our CCTV installation services, you’re sure to have efficient monitoring capabilities to secure your premises. We’ve got a slew of installation services available in Melbourne that our dependable team can easily provide, along with their data-driven and expert advice when it comes to the best CCTV solutions.

  • CCTV installation layout design and planning,
  • CCTV installation component sourcing and supply,
  • CCTV installation and management, and
  • CCTV installation troubleshooting and repair (if required).

Allcom has always been on top of its game by bringing in the latest state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line CCTV products and cutting edge technology for security systems. Now you can feel safe, protected, and secure as our dedicated and passionate team implements the approved layout design to set up the CCTV cameras in critical areas where you need them installed. Learn more about our CCTV installation services in Melbourne by calling 03-9018-9426 now!

CCTV Installation Melbourne

Allcom is your trusted security and communications company that does CCTV installation in Melbourne and surrounds. We’re proud to say that we have a wide range of security and communications equipment available and that we have installed in many establishments—from residential apartments to commercial businesses, from healthcare and educational institutions to government agencies, and more.

Security is what we’re all about and our clients know that we’re the best. They have come to trust and rely on us, especially when it comes to our security and communication installation services. Our team of experts is certified, and qualified to provide installation services that will secure your home or office. With a vast experience with many CCTV cameras and equipment, you’re assured of quality work that gets done within budget, on time, every time.

CCTV Installation Experts

CCTV systems have varying degrees of installation complexities. While you may think the basic home CCTV system can be easily installed by you, it can prove to be time consuming at the least. And if ever you get to mount the cameras and have the system up and running, do you really believe that you’ve set it up to provide great coverage, optimised storage, and enough control of the system?

When it comes to security and safety, leave it to the experts—Allcom. Aside from installing CCTV systems, our certified and vastly experienced engineers will give you the best recommendations for a fully functional CCTV system whether it’s for a small house, a business establishment, a commercial centre, government offices, or medical facility, and more!

You can expect a highly professional installation of a network of compatible CCTV cameras that offer full coverage around the clock, high quality and proper cabling, ample DVR storage according to your specifications, and even power.

CCTV for Efficient Monitoring

Security should be a priority for everyone. By having CCTVs installed in your premises, you can monitor the environment for anything that may compromise your safety and security. That’s why many homes and businesses, as well as government agencies and other institutions, have turned to Allcom for the most reliable and cost-effective CCTV installations.

CCTVs provide the best surveillance tool for any establishment, especially if certain measures are met, like having well-lighted areas, optimal height placement, etc. Ask your Allcom experts about how you can maximise the CCTV system you want to be installed on your premises. We can also provide you with the best CCTV for the kind of requirements you may need.

Allcom has installed CCTV systems for many types of Australian homes, buildings, and business establishments. Our work has graced a lot of government offices and departments, as well as medical facilities, education, and banking institutions. We’re proud to say that we’ve installed CCTVs in many shopping malls and commercial centres, keeping everyone safe and secure.

At Allcom, security matters most than the scope of the project. We give the same level of passion and dedication to meet your exact specifications, within the budget you have, and deliver on time, every time.


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