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Intercom Systems Melbourne

Allcom provides residential and commercial as well as government departments with the highest quality intercom systems Melbourne and the rest of Victoria has to offer. To deliver the best, we only work with the best brands that include –

  • Aiphone,
  • Comelit,
  • Bticino,
  • ABB,
  • Urmet,
  • Dahua,
  • Hikvision,
  • Dorani, and
  • Fermax.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most cost-effective, durable, and efficient home and wireless intercom systems for any type of home, business, or government setting. We are known for delivering quality and excellence in everything that we do and we aim to continue to do so for years to come.

For more information about our intercom systems, call 03-9018-9426 today.

Why are intercoms essential?

Audio and video intercoms are an excellent way to add additional security and protection to your business. Rather than having to walk to the front door of your premises to meet guests or determine who your visitors actually are, Allcom can provide you with a range of different user-friendly intercom systems to help reduce the risk of admitting unwanted guests.

Video Intercom System Melbourne

We can also supply, design, install, repair, and maintain video intercom system in Melbourne for all types of homes and business as well as government offices. Having video intercom systems not only improves ease of use and convenience but it also increases the level of safety and security The added benefits of having video intercom systems include –

  • Exceptional accessibility by having an easier way to not just communicate but see almost everything on the other end,
  • Identity verification by seeing exactly who you are talking to on the other line at all times, and
  • Security protection by making sure the person on the other end is not under threat or being coerced to communicate or gain access to a secure area.

To find out more about our video intercom systems, call 03-9018-9426 today.

Commercial Intercom Systems

Allcom is one of the most trusted providers of commercial intercom systems for businesses throughout Melbourne and across the state of Victoria. We offer complete intercom systems for –

  • Banks and financial institutions,
  • Museums and art galleries,
  • Hospitals and medical facilities,
  • Airports and transportation hubs,
  • Logistics and storage facilities,
  • Malls and shopping centres,
  • Sports stadiums and facilities,
  • Government offices and buildings,
  • And more.

We also provide advisory and consultation services when our professional opinion and advice are required. For more details about our services, call 03-9018-9426 today.

Intercom System Supply

We also offer the best intercom system supply for use in residential, commercial, and government installations. With Allcom having built strong professional relationships with leading brands such as Aiphone, Urmet, Comelit, Dorani, Bticino, ABB, Dahua, Hikvision, and Fermax, you can have the highest quality products for your intercom system. We provide you with a wide selection of –

  • Intercom base stations,
  • Intercom substations or speakers,
  • Desk modules,
  • Headsets,
  • Handsets,
  • Wall-mounted intercom stations,
  • Microphones,
  • Digital displays,
  • Video displays,
  • And so much more.

For any and every component that your intercom system may need, Allcom can supply you with it. To learn more about our intercom system supply services, call 03-9018-9426 today.


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